October 6, 2016

Entrant Regulations


1. Vehicle

a) The vehicle displayed on the day must be the same vehicle listed on the application – attempts to switch cars without the knowledge of All Euro Day organisers will result in refusal of entry and forfeiture of entry fee.
b) Vehicles driven on trade plates must have their plates displayed whenever the vehicle is moving, including on the event grounds.
c) Vehicles must be free of sharp or dangerous items that may injure spectators.
d) If it is suspected that vehicles may cause damage to the event grounds (through dropped oil or hot exhausts etc), owners must take steps to prevent this occurring, or they may be held liable for any damage caused.

2. Vehicle display and signage

a) Placement and location of vehicles on the event grounds is entirely at the organiser’s discretion, and all directions given by All Euro Day staff must be followed by entrants.
b) Fencing or other material or objects separating spectators from vehicles is prohibited.
c) Vehicles must have their entrant number and information sheet displayed on the passenger side of their front windscreen at all times.
d) Any additional vehicle information supplied by the owner, e.g. regarding the history or modifications, must be displayed either inside or on the vehicle itself.
e) Stickers on vehicles promoting businesses or other entities are permitted.
f) Flyers promoting businesses or other entities are permitted, but only with the express prior permission of organisers, and must only be placed under windscreen wipers of the vehicle entered so that spectators can take one if they choose to do so.
g) All other forms of promotion are prohibited, and unauthorised promotional activities will result in instant removal from the event.

3. Entrant/driver behaviour

a) Wigley Reserve is a dry zone, and consumption of alcohol on the grounds is strictly prohibited.
b) Entrants/drivers must travel at walking pace whilst on the event grounds. If spectators are nearby, please request an escort by an All Euro Day staff member.
c) Once vehicles are in place and on display, entrants/drivers may not start or move their vehicles nor use in-car audio equipment without the express permission of All Euro Day staff.
d) Any entrant/driver behaviour that endangers the life or safety of any person on the event grounds will result in instant removal from the event, and, where necessary, police will be notified.
e) Damage to the event grounds or damage or breakage of any other property will result in entrants/drivers being liable for any repair or replacement costs, including reimbursement of the bond for event hire to All Euro Day organisers if it is forfeited.

4. Event timing

a) Gates for entrants and their vehicles to enter the event grounds will open at 7am and will be closed at 10:00am sharp.
b) Unless arranged prior with All Euro Day staff, failure to arrive by 10:0am will result in refusal of entry and forfeiture of entry fee
c) Vehicles MUST remain on the grounds between 10:00am and 3:00pm. This is for spectator safety reasons. Do not ask to leave early – you will be refused. This is a car show, not a car park. If you want to leave whenever you feel like, park on the street.
d) Gates will be re-opened at 3:00pm, with all vehicles to vacate the grounds by 4:00pm.